at the best party...yours

Treat your guests to something special (hint: it's doughnuts) at your wedding or party. Create your own signature flavors with our help or choose from our extensive menu. Our doughnuts can be elegantly displayed as a cake or tower, arranged on a doughnut wall, or plated to perfection. We do custom letter doughnuts, too. Your guests already love you, and it's almost unthinkable they could love you even more, but, with doughnuts at your party, they will.

Weddings, birthdays, baby showers, holidays—these are just a few of the reasons you may need a lot of doughnuts. Click "Book Now" to schedule a consultation to discuss your special event. Select a date and time well in advance of your event to meet in person at the shop. Consultations are free.

Don't need a consultation? Just need to preorder a dozen or two and can communicate your vision in an email? Send us an email at darlingdoughnuts@gmail.com or call the shop at (518) 430-2018.

Some general info about products, minimums and prices are after the image below. Scroll down. Enjoy another picture of doughnuts!